Announcing Spoken Pizzeria on Sept. 3rd 6 pm

By Collectif Miam Miam

The Spoken Pizza is an oral form of art initiated by the collectif Miam Miam in january 2021.

While the cultural sector and especially live performances had to stop due to the sanitary restrictions, new diffusion forms started to spread. Spoken Pizza initiated the home delivery of short poems through swiss cities like Bienne, Lausanne and Geneva.

This new form started with a playful and tactical attitude during lockdowns, progressively allowing the Collectif Miam Miam to establish a library of around 50 contemporary poetry texts in all four swiss languages.

Since the cultural sector is back on track, the activity of text delivery can now spread to new locations in a nomadic way with the aim to gather in a peculiar atmosphere: a Spoken Pizzeria.

During the performance, anybody can pickup a Spoken Pizza from the menu that will be then addressed by one of the Miam Miam members and shared together by the audience .

Texts authors: Gaël Bandelier, Simone Lappert, Cosma Provoke, Marko Milandinovic, Andrea Marioni & Collectif Miam Miam. 

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