Sweet Tunes from TAMBORA @ PRAXIS. Starting Sept. 16. and through Art|Basel

Lumpen Station is back with a program of live radio broadcasts from PRAXIS in Basel September 16. – 25. 2021.

This series of live radio broadcasts also marks the beginning of a collaboration with LapTopRadiø, with whom we will share the “webwaves”.

We have chosen as the totem of this series of broadcasts, the Indonesian volcano Tambora, whose eruption in 1815 caused climate change on a global scale. Naturally we do not wish to plunge the world into another cataclysm, but this volcano seems to us, to represent well the researches we’re committed with the concept of radio art: from a place of eruption, the effects of the creations that we broadcast, can be felt at a distance and for a long time.  

As a mirror to these reflections, the laptopradio.org team will be interested in the planet Vulcan, which was studied by the scientific community until Einstein demonstrated that it did not exist.

In short, whether it is to receive the overflowing energy of an earthly volcano or the signal from a hypothetical planet Vulcan, the creations of the artists we are working with, will be received directly from the epicentre at Bäumleingasse 9, in a beach-like atmosphere where it will be possible to drift comfortably during the sound eruptions.

If you are not in the area you can follow the broadcasts live from lumpenstation.art or laptopradio.org

When the magma is still hot and our bodies are still shaking, it will be possible to listen to all archives of Sweets tunes from Tambora on podcasts and possibly measure the long-term consequences.

To be received live on activerat.org and Lumpenstation.art

All live broadcasts will take place from 7.30PM until 8.30PM and are open to the public

Doors open at 6.30pm @ PRAXIS upstairs

Sept. 16. – Rodrigo Toro Madrid live performance

Sept. 17. – Brautigan sound library

Sept. 18. – Bjorn Magnusson live performance

Sept. 20. – Monika Metallika : artist records collection

Sept. 23. – Everybody shut up ! we’re listening to planet vulcan

Sept. 24. – Mystery radio from vulcan, the other planet

Sept 25. – Weird clumps of air disrupt radio from planet vulcan