Witches in Exile & Darklight

Fotos by Ann-Christine Woehrl 

Finissage Sept. 16. 6 pm: “Darklight” Piano & Light Performance by Anne-Christine Woehrl

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The brother of Azara Alsassan’s husband died. She got accused and was sent to Gambaga and proven guilty. Azara Alassan comes from Lambok and has been living at the
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“The Clay Brick House”

21. Sept. 6pm Exhibition and Conference:

“The Project Clay Brick House in Meissen, Germany”

by Prof. Dr. Wolfram Jäger, Dresden and Stern Zürn Architekten, Basel

A clay brick house with load-bearing but from the outside hidden clay walls and a weather protection made of wood. A house with construction … Read more

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Berg, Mensch & Bergmenschen

Climbing a serac, glacier pinnacle, in the Alps. ca. 1890. Alamy Stock Photo.

Eine Ausstellung zur Erschliessung
des Schweizer Alpenraums während
der letzten 200 Jahre

Fr. 23. Sept. 18 Uhr

Sa. 24. Sept. 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr
So: 25. Sept. 11.00 bis 18.00 Uhr

Eintritt frei (Kollekte)

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Throwback Catalogue September 2021

Preview and order Catalogue


A collection of the instagram stories published before and during the Grand Opening of the PRAXIS Gallery during Art Basel in September 2021,

A catalogue featuring some great moments during the exhibitions, performances and concerts.

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Radio X

Click to listen to RadioX interview from sept. 24. 2021

At Bäumligasse 9, where Ernst Beyeler’s gallery used to be, art is being shown again. The “Praxis” is an exhibition space opened by the artist and art therapist Cyril Kazis. Among others, Noah Latif Lamp is exhibiting until 16 … Read more

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Cyril Kazis and the genesis of PRAXIS

The first time I stepped into this house, so full of history, where parts of the house were being used to sell antiques, I saw a huge red velvet sofa I fell in love with and bought it.

A few years later after having studied Art-therapy, I moved my … Read more

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french press

Le Monde Sept. 27, 2021

L’Alsace Sept. 19, 2021

by Sebastien Spitaleri


(english version below)

Les gilets jaunes investissent Art Basel

La grande foire de l’art contemporain Art Basel, qui débute ce lundi 20 septembre, a déjà commencé tambour battant ce vendredi pour Enrique Fontanilles et Romain Tièche, … Read more

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Bäumleingasse 9
4051 Basel Switzerland

by appointment only

Cyril Kazis
+41 79 320 60 23


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The Dream Machine

The Dream Machine #26 of 650 by IN-freedom CA (private collection, not for sale)

The dream Machine by Brion Gysin and William Burroughs is taking care of our dreams and will be rotating in our street window display