Terra Incognita: 08.04.22 7 PM Apéro performance Maya Minder and Alexia Venot : « Eggs and boobs or how to read eggplants »

Our first group show in Basel, organized by curator Andrea Marioni from swiss based experimental sound platform Lumpen Station.


Press Release (de)

An exploration of the affinities between art and science, this exhibition is based on the baroque iconography of mapping the world in an unknown and … weiterlesen

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“Killing Time” Finissage am 25. Nov. 2021 um 18.00

Noah Latif Lamp

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Diese letzten beiden -> Originale von @noah_latif_lamp waren wohl die eindrucksvollste und bewegendste Gegenüberstellung, die ich in dieser Woche gesehen habe! Gänsehaut.

(über “Birthbed” und “Deathbed”)

PRAXIS presents “Killing Time” Lamp’s groundbreaking body of work created over the past six years

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Presse (Russian Art Focus)

Gorshkov ist ein Vertreter der "Woronescher Welle" in der zeitgenössischen russischen Kunst. Er begann seine kreative Karriere zusammen mit zwei anderen Einwohnern von Woronesch, die in der Moskauer Kunstszene erfolgreich sind: Arseni Schiljajew und Ilja Dolgow.

The artist is known for rethinking traditional … weiterlesen

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Memories from Tambora

Monica Metallica on Monday, September 20 @ Lumpenstation in the upper floor playing various rare and surprising artist records.

On Friday, Björn Magnusson and Toby Sommer walked us through the eruption of the Volcano Tambora. While the sound of drums and guitar filled our night with excitation, the soothing … weiterlesen

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“51|2021” Event!

by prêt-à-porter


An artistic practice that does not take into account the forms of cultural legitimacy, that does not question the art spaces, the way of displaying the works, the relations to the public, etc., is condemned to regenerate the instituted mechanisms and thus to let function an … weiterlesen

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Nights in White Satin

Thank you Dominik for the time spent with you in our work in progress construction site who came to life as we switched <ON> and your lights filled our space.

lights on the DNA
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Merci Lucian

Lucian Marcel Caceres

Lucian Marcel Caceres est guitariste chanteur et interprète basé sur la Riviera vaudoise. Il sera parmi nous à l’apéro du 17 Août.

Son style musical navigue entre les rythmes folkloriques latino-américains, le swing manouche et la chanson française tout en restant impreigné de musique improvisée.

En … weiterlesen